Postal men carrying baton's on Tuesdays for wine and cheese holidays

Clumsily intertwined between sidewalks and shadow's.

More then one, less then none.

Where does your fun come from?

Stained walls smell like yesterday

Where we could've played marbles

across two different points in time

But no, we stuck to one point

When it was just Candyland and Mystery Date

There is no point I'm trying to make

I just wish I could have the words vibrate on the page


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Surreal, Whim & the word Reality all mixed together.  Something quick.  Something Yeah.  Something.....

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allets's picture

Something Candyland!

Loved going through those mountain passes - but I digress - cool write like Wallace Steven's The Man With The Blue Guitar: "...jangling the metal of the strings..."~a~