You & Me

The pain inside my chest is unbearable

It feel like its being torn apart

Bit by bit

This longing I have to hold you

to touch your skin, to feel the sparks

when we meet to kiss.

I feel empty.



It hurts to wake without you by my side

The sun may shine, brilliantly in the vast blue sky

But I feel gloomly

As if a massive thunder storm were outside

The loud thunder being my mood

With the lightning as my escape.

How can I feel complete loss

When you are still here.

I know not, I only know how deep my sorrow reaches

Too deep, too far down in my depths of despair.

Loving you is easy, almost too easy

Feeling pain wretching sadness is hard,

so hard it stops my body from working.

As the days pass and I'm alone

I know you are thinking of me

From twenty leagues under the sea.



Jun. 9/10

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