Satish Verma

Flaunting your new skin 
like a salamander, 
ready to endure fire, 
O stranger, 
read me, 
read my tears, 
the pathbreaker is going back. 

I will not extort, never your integrity. 
The trump has committed suicide. 
A game was over. I am 
gathering my ruins to go 
into winter sleep. 
Let the sun wait for eternity. 

Somebody was climbing 
on the breast rocks. There were 
no landing planks. Words 
mingle with four― leaf clovers. 
You can inhale the smoke, 
eat the walls of palace. I open 
the latch of mud house and 
disappear in future.

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Let the Sun wait for eternity...

Still reading satishverma daily. These works always seem to be speaking in some mysterious way to me.

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