Satish Verma

Let it go, do not touch it. 
You had been negating the bare truth. 
I was part of you 
once at the shore of tragedy. 
Life was treacherous 
and I was free to laugh. 

Come September and I will be chasing 
the fireflies again. 

How time takes revenge 
from the innocent commitments? 
You start returning to your roots 
and I was still surfeiting 
on the secret fidelity. 

Where was the need to be tied down 
to god? Nobody was honest to forsake 
the fear of nameless nemesis. 

The myth of rock still haunts. 
Water still boils under the clay. 
Petals fly in dark alleys 
and I cannot find the door.

sootyash's picture

This piece...

I'm not sure how many times I just read this but it made me read it over and over. 

Looked up Sysyphus and really related to the kind of loop one can get caught up in. 

Makes me think.


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