Lone Journey

Satish Verma

Goats and camels 
My caravan moves on sand dunes 
to cross the desert of hunger and want. 

Give a sharp prick 
draw the pure blood 
and don’t cry at the sight of violence 
in the sky 
I am not going to die. 

It is galloping dark 
there is absolute stillness in the air 
and I have fallen in love 
with the whistling breeze. 

Somebody is pawing, clawing at my back 
as if trying to maul 
the back of a denuded totem. 
Moon is watching helplessly. 

An owl on a branch 
looks straight, flaps 
flies away. 

Unpeeled clouds are now walking away. 
Dew will settle 
among the thirsty fields.

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In a passage from Dune, Muad Dib's mother speaks of the Freman's obcession not with water but with moisture. "Unpeeled clouds"is an  adoration worthy image. - allets -