scattered sonatas

familiar chords

music fades away

Melodies of life, songs of seasons, lie weeping at my feet;

those collections over years,

changed and all I knew in blurred rhyme falling between wistful lyrics and faded verse scattered to the winds.

descending keys

treading notes

 unsung hymns 

I picked up broken notes, one by one,

the melancholy arias of cold uncertain seasons and those concertos of autumn leaves, 

sweet sonatas of heated summers and finally,

one broken hearted lullaby,

once sung in the key of spring.

in composers' ink

treble sentences written

bleeding onto time

I remember the sorrow, 

still feel the grief, 

but where are the words in numbing lost moments?

 I no longer know them! 

How could I forget?

And yet, when did I last sing the lullaby basking in its comfort?

 I feel time slipping to lie dormant in 

mortally lost notes between cracks;

those beloved hymns of my seasons, 

sadly gone up in smoke. 

every tune ends 

scattered stanzas

in temporal seasons

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Haibun form

166 wc

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allets's picture

"sung in the key of spring"

"sung in the key of spring" "concertos of autumn leaves" and "in composers' ink/treble sentences written/bleeding onto time" are among the most phenomenal lines of verse I have ever read. Bravo! Miss you. - Stella