Lament for bloody tender hearts
for daily murderous weapons draining the sun and obscuring happiness,
with annihilated sentiments buried in mundane motion in darkness
and the diaphanous flowers dancing barefoot in the wet technicolor grass that will perish unnoticed tomorrow.

Lament for the luminescent constellations against the midnight ink skies that harbor deep unknowns that are pure and sublime yet flattened and diminished awareness burned in the ashes of chaos
and impenetrable drapes of ancient oblivion

Lament for old souls who bear minds satiated with extraordinary nebulae of wonderment and curiosity,
knowing how to walk through the shadow veils of time with blazing hopes and dreams

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Such Imagery

Would make for a fine sci-fy novel using language like that. Good description of celestial entities - enjoyed. slc


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I appreciate

your time to read it and comment so very kindly. 

Bless you 




Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....