particles of the panacea

are floating; finite

whipping the foam

of a mighty love

an oceanic opulent

bed; with twisted linens

spools of cotton

swim on the floor


this bed:

sails fly

under and over

wave after wave

dragging oysters from the bottom

dolphins dance alongside

angelic songs sung 

freedom announced to the seagulls


In her room

she opens and closes drawers

tidying away clothes

smiling at simple pleasures

the ceiling becoming

a canopy of sails


her mind races

to his shoreline

he reaches out

to find the pearl

hidden inside

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A pleasure to read a poem that is written out of the sheer love of the language - I'm new to this site and must read your full portfolio over time. now to enjoy the day.

Sassylass's picture


Kind of you to comment.

Nice to meet you! Welcome!

I'll look forward to your art in words!

Thanks so very much!

Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....