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I love the use of the language; words being stretched beyond their meaning, the use of metaphors and similes. Most of all I love poetry that flows with good metre.

I am primarily an artist specialising in watercolour commission work but, in complete contrast to this, I also paint large abstract works as well as monotylpe prints. Poetry for me also follows the same pattern in that I do enjoy writing near abstract work as well as more traditional. Also I do not restrict my work to serious stuff but also enjoy writing the whimsical. n

A good poet writes from personal experience, a great poet writes from imagination.

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Inside it's dark
outside it's light
it's hard to find
in darkest night.

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Favourite authors: Mary Webb, Thomas Hardy and George Eliot.
Favourite music: Brahms, Beethoven, Mahler, and for background whilst painting Einoudi.
Location: middle class middle England
Favourite wind-up: pretending to be a snob.


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