A Fervent Hope Of Renewal

Unpublished pieces


We were alone in our distance. Afraid.
Mindless whispers craving attention.
Digesting hackneyed sermons of how
we must live in love together. These
were just words spoken but not
believed. Gestures and kneeling at
an appointed time. Sunshine streaming
through stained glass hearts that
pretended religious fervour. Christ
has become a vulgarity issued after
every pious statement. Prescribed
vowels aflame with the orange glare
of a blinking traffic light. We fight
the good fight and yet we have already
lost the battle. Abstinence is best
served with cold passion, and yet we
fashion orgasms of listening walls
that define the wallpapered glue of
disaster. Faster and faster the spinning
world gains control of our distractions.
We are chanting the last rites of our
feeble attempts to define our dulling
souls. Listen. The ice is chattering
in the glass half full with pretension.
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mlevesque's picture

Wow. Very moving, excellent

Wow. Very moving, excellent structure, fantastic diction. Top notch.

Vive le Quebec libre!