My Darling sister ruth

My Darling sister ruth

on a stready day, in the hour of four

there came a sullen knock at our door

i ran to answer, who could it be?

looking through the peephole, i saw who i could see

it was that familiar face

that face i so long had tried to place

my killer, he so gently took my life

a long time ago, had asked me to be his wife

my one true love, has come to get me

my husband to be, has come to set me free

open the door, i willed myself

open the door, show yourself

he knocked again, waiting for an answer

i cant open it! i shouted in an instant

gripping the handle, tried as i might

it slipped yet again, and day led into night

no one can see me, no one can hear

please open the door, please, so i can see my dear!

he left a rose, its petals gleamed white

he didnt come for me, my mind shouted in fright

i saw my baby sister running down the stairs

Wait, wait she cried, hold on my dear!

you've come, you've come! she shouted, instant glee

throwing the door open, she said " Come to me!"

My dear, my life my love, how could you?

you took my life, now i have the sullen truth

you wanted me dead! for my darling sister ruth.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

dont ask. i dont know WHERE this one came from. i wrote it soon after i turned 16

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

Wow ,when I first saw the title it caught my eye to look because my name is Ruth and I thought maybe my brother had written something as a surprise for me. I was shocked when I read this........