came home, dropped into the chair

into the walls white i stare

it happened again, my endless curse

life got better, only to turn for the worse

my job was lost due to luck

where can i go? nobody seems to give a fuck

every time i try to move on, get better

i get knocked down, i don't matter

there will always be another dead end job

another one to lose, to come home and sob

I've lived this life in these years

gave up along time ago wasting tears

when will it all end? when will i get my break?

I'm so tired, burnt out on that stake

sick of the searching, looking for love

sick of the searching, for help from above

cynical and harsh, pushing everyone away

making my hole deeper, how much further can i dig?

I'm so sick of the searching for answers

waiting for the good life on that silver platter

want ads, here i come again

to play on my life's never ending game

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mar's picture

Well, good poem. What's the "Fuck" word needed?
Just kidding. Good poem. But I still got the question
Have a nice and beautiful life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~My Best Wishes~