The River

How do you put into words

Just what it is we have

A thousand lifetimes together

Could never let out all of the love

The love that consumes,

Every time I picture your face

Our bodies tell the ancient story

Never a beat missed in its grace

Just what exactly do I say

To let you in on how I feel

To voice this wonder

This wonder called love I can barley deal

Being with you tonight

Wrapped up in your arms

The sky never the limit

Under, above, and with the stars

‘Tis heaven, no doubt

If heaven allowed it to be

This river flows slowly by,

Such a treasure to me

I shall never claim to understand

This amazing rush of emotion

If ever there was a hell

It would not hold this commotion

To be so young in life

And have the gift from the ancients

Never shall I ever doubt

This pure love’s existence

I wish I could tell you

Just what it is I see

The blinding waves of color

Your very touch sets free

Being in this very moment

With you here tonight

Is truly a gift from the heavens

From the very ones that reign the skies

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mar's picture

Wow. triple wow. U use good words in ur poems. Nice poem.
Have a nice and ebautiful life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~My Best wishes~