I can make you as weak as water -

At the same time awesomely strong.

Fireflies of desire dance with green fire

Burning away caution and pride-

Bur I do not want your future hate

For the sake of present love.

I know you are honorable, strong-willed -

And so this burning madness would bring


Silent and intense, I turn and walk away,


Magic ebbs . Weariness envelopes.

My heart is suddenly cold and old.

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Wannabe ninja Forever's picture

What I want to know is if you refers to the reader or is there some more deeper, more intruiging meaning to "you" I really liked it! Good Job!
PS- did you know Hotaru is japanese for firefly. lol, i thought you should know that

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My answer to you is, yes.

Thank you for the japanese word, hotaru. I love to know what are to me, new words.  Thank you for your comment.

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Thank you for reading, and commenting. Super.