Beauty Can Be....

Beauty can be a lasting thing, thank God!

Slender, misted spire stretched to over reach,

Lacy ocean foam tatted on the beach,

Wild flowers strewn upon the greening sod,

Perfect, round green peas, nestled in the pod,

Golden juice dribbling from the ripened peach,

Genuine pleasure bursting forth from each,

Wonderful affirmation from a nod.

All these thing are with great beauty gifted -

It's up to us to make them permanent,

To celebrate their presence as God meant

To see how high our hearts can be lifted;

So let the wheat from the chaff be sifted

Yet see the beauty - each part's heaven sent.

Appreciate the life we have been lent-

Return to praise, even if we've drifted.

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perception's picture

I really can appreciate this poem. It's very lovely, and I've never read anything like it. I love the descriptions. It's very visial.

salphire5's picture

Thanks Tori. What a beautiful thing to say.