30 Of Brian Kemp's Categories Of Felonious Election Fraud


30 Of Brian Kemp's Categories Of Felonious Election Fraud

May the lawsuits against the nation's most criminal election thief continue

Kemp cut 1.4 million voters from rolls, used police intimidation of voters and vote registration workers, sued a woman for helping her blind father to vote, was court ordered to count the provisional ballots he locked out, refused to honor Democrat black and nonblock requests for absentee ballots, has not counted absentee ballots delayed in the mail by tornadoes, has not counted military ballots, has eliminated tens of thousands of Democrat votes based on fraudulent handwriting analysis, decimated number of voting machines available in black areas causing waits of 3 or 4 hours and more, closed 200 polling places in Democrat areas, refused to recuse himself from being both umpire and player in the election he has tried to fix.

1. Kemp is apparently the biggest vote purger in US history having removed 1.4 million legitimate Georgian Democrats, Libertarians, blacks, Latinos from the voter rolls since 2012. exceeding the Jon Husted Mike DeWine removal of over 1 million voters in Ohio and Jeb Bush's removal of hundreds of thousands of voters in Florida in 2000.

2. widespread use of police intimidation

a. stopping a bus full of black seniors on their way to vote and turning them around

b. sending 12 policepersons to stop a black voter registration activist in a neighborhood

c.Kemp has sent armed agents into neighborhoods to arrest black voter registration activists. More conscious judges dropped the charges

3. suing a woman for helping her blind father to vote

4. instituting corrupt 'handwriting analysis' to eliminate thousands of votes. Lawrence O'Donnell has said no 2 of any person's signatures are ever alike.

5. deliberately ignoring black voters' requests for absentee ballots. (Rick Scott did this in Florida as well.)

6. racist gerrymandering

7. ads designed to intimidate voters..e.g. sitting with a rifle across his lap talking to someone he wished to threaten

8. failure to recuse himself from the Secretary of State position ... he was playing umpire and player in a fixed game

as were Jon Husted of Ohio and Kris Kobach of Kansas

9. Kemp shut down 200 rural and black voting places

10. He worked with Jeff Sessions to cancel additional black voting places on the basis that they were not handicapped accessible..

11. He worked to pass the Exact Match law which allows the removal of a registration if a period is not after an abbreviation such as Rd, if a hyphen or middle initial is missing.

12. With the criminal and unconstitutional Exact Match, he sat on 53,000 voter registrations, 70% of which were submitted by blacks.

13. He has removed voters for not voting in just one previous election. The 6th Circuit in Ohio ordered Jon Husted to reinstate those voters removed for a similar reason.

14. He was sued by the military for not allowing soldiers to send in absentee ballots. He was forced by the military to allow absentee ballots, but required they be filed electronically, which allows his hacking operatives to work more easily.


In yet another felony, Kemp gave away the social security numbers and other data of 6 million Georgians to a dozen groups
which paid for the information, including a gun lobby and a white supremacist group. He exposed those 6 million Georgians to identity theft.
15 b He had the secret support of the white supremacist and NRA groups to whom he had
criminally given 6 million names and data.

16. He refused to join the 46 states which require a paper trail as a counter to computer hacking.

17. He arranged voting lines of several hours by having 3 computers in 1 Atlanta predominantly Democratic voting area. He undermachined many polling places.

18. He kept many machines unused in warehouses.

19. Further felonious action: Kemp locked out voters in 1 Democratic area... prevented their filing provisional ballots.

20. Kemp had fellow racists' help.including Barstow, Georgia Mayor Robert Morris, whose Facebook includes a number of hate posts, went on a racist rant after his county decided to prevent volunteers from bringing seniors to the polls

21 The 2 previous governor elections were won by the Republicans with margins of only 200,000. He and his predecessors having used racist crimes since 1865 to win elections.

22. In Mud Creek, Georgia not a Democrat dominated area in 2016, 276 registered voters were suddenly over 600 in the vote count

23. Kemp has raided the offices of Democratic voter registration groups..

24. The Kemp machine kept Martin Luther King's 92 year old cousin from voting.

25. Brian Kemp is on record in support of the death penalty. Because of his vote suppression, the last governor Republican executioner Nathan Deal was elected, Georgia is one of only 8 of 50 states still murdering prisoners. The blood of the prisoners murdered by Deal is also on Kemp's hands. https://www.redandblack.com/news/hopes-of-halting-death-penalty-slim/art... http://gfadp.org http://aclu.org http://naacp.org http://amnestyusa.org http://deathpenaltyinfo.org http://innocenceproject.org

26. In Gwinnett Cty, the Kemp machine arranged that no power cords were available for the uncharged machines

27. Kemp's machine saw to it that there were 700 fewer voting machines in Fulton County than previously. In addition on that day, those voting machines had problems..

28. 1 in 10 absentee ballots were being thrown out by Gwinnett Cty Georgia election officials

29. Kemp has refused to count absentee ballots whose mail delivery was delayed by tornadoes

30. Kemp planned to have his fraudulent election certified on Nov 13 but a federal judge ruled on the 12th that the 14th would be the deadline. Kemp had refused to count tens of thousands of
provisional ballots, military absentee ballots which had not arrived, or ballots mail delayed by tornadoes.

These Georgia corporations are responsible
for doing nothing to prevent the racist attempt at
theft of the Georgia election by Brian Kemp. Nor have
they worked to end racist executions by Nathan Deal
and others. As long as Brian Kemp is in office they
will be held responsible.

Arby's, Mass Mammal Murder
Coca Cola
Home Depot, Republican owned
Georgia Pacific, Deforester
Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta Intl Airport
Cox Media Group
Waffle House
Emory University a major abuser of animals
Ted Turner's TBS Turner
is perhaps the nation's biggest
bison murderer

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i think georgia ballots have

i think georgia ballots have always been crooked,lol,and i was born there