20 Lethal Consequences Of Hunting

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Twenty Lethal Consequences Of Hunting

Lethal consequences of hunting include
1 being shot by other hunters,
2 tripping while climbing fences and killing themselves,
3 the occasional murder masked as a hunting accident,
4 fights ignited by alcohol
5. knife injuries from skinning and gutting the animals
(deceptively called field dressing),
6 being injured or killed by animals fighting for their lives,
7 suffering hypothermia while sitting in duck blinds,
8 falling from tree stands and down hillsides
9 plane crashes traveling to remote areas
10 drowning
11 Mad Deer disease, cervine spongiform encephalopathy, Mad Elk disease
12 hunters suffer more hearing loss and deafness than nonhunters because of the eardrum injuriningg noise of gun
13 snare traps and bear traps
14 tick bites and snake bites
15. Killing endangered species (The Smithsonian was involved in a scandal accepting as a contribution a sheep on the endangered species list)
16. Hunting's correlation to serial killing of human beings according to the FBI and other profilers (see profiles of serial killers)
17 last and most important: killing children, adults, pets and other animals through poor shooting ability
18. Food poisoning from improperly refrigerated meat.ount
19 Butchers in the 19th Century were barred from British juries/, because their occupations desensitized them to the suffering of others.
20.Countless forest fires have been started by hunters combining alcohol and/or sleepiness with a desire to cook food, get warm, and have light A hunter started the fire which killed 14 people


Countries most profiteering from the bloodsports of trophyhunting are Canada, Belarus, Cambodia, Montenegro,
South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia

Cleveland Amory reported an animal with 12 arrows in him was found walking around in the woods. Sometimes hunter-injured animals take months to die.
Only 4% of US citizens hunt.

Ohio hunter falls 22ft while hanging tree stand - YouTube
Mar 31, 2012 - Ohio hunter falls 22ft while hanging tree stand. libertymediagroupllc ... Reluctantly I pushed off the tree and fell 10 to 12 feet. With a bum knee ...

Kid Falls 20 Feet Out Of Tree Stand - YouTube


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i agree with you,hunting is

i agree with you,hunting is for sport

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Cleveland Amory reported a

Cleveland Amory reported a deer walking in the woods with 12 arrows sticking out of her.  For some animals injured by arrows, dying takes a long and painful time.