"Prolife" Execution Facilitator and Iraq War Cocreator Mike DeWine, Kills Again As FL, TX, AL, GA Keep Killing




Once again, Republicans in Ohio, Mike DeWine, attorney general and execution facilitator who defines himself as 'prolife' despite his record in helping Bush 2 invade Iraq, candidate for governor, John Kasich, governor who has somewhere around 16 scalps on his belt, and the GOP dominated Supreme Court have made Ohio the only nonsouthern state to murder prisoners.
In addition, they used midazolam, a drug opposed for execution by its makers. Eric Holder, former US Attorney General, is in Ohio working to end the racist gerrymandering which put Mike DeWine, John Kasich, and Jon Husted (who removed hundreds of thousands of nonRepubicans illegally from the voting rolls) in office.


This year the all white Alabama "Supreme" Court, continued in 2018 its over 200 years of

racist executions. Alabama has murdered countless innocent black prisoners in that time. This year in bloodlust it sent an 83 year old white man to death after almost 30 years in jail for his crime.When Jeff Sessions was AG of Alabama he worked to execute only blacks.


Rick Scott, serial killer of prisoners, is the 2nd most prolific executioner in the US. The Republican is running against incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson for the Senate.


Most serially killing governor is Greg Abbott of Texas. Voters can dump him in November.


Voters have the opportunity to vote for a truly qualified governor in November.

Stacey Abrams, graduate of Yale Law School and effective Georgia legislator is running for governor.


Donald Trump nominated a judicial serial killer to the court. Gorsuch and 4 other Republicans have continued their unconstitutional denial of several

amendments to the Constitution. Republicans reversed the previous Supreme Court decision that executions were unconstitutional. Trump's other nominee Brett Kavanaugh is also in favor of execution.



Inventor of Midazolam Opposes Its Use in Executions |


As U.S. pharmaceutical companies have removed medicines from the market to prevent states from obtaining them for executions, states have turned to ...
Nevada execution halted; drug company opposes midazolam use | AL ...


Jul 11, 2018 - He said Alvogen had sent a letter to state officials in April telling them it opposes the use of its products in executions, particularly midazolam.
When a Common Sedative Becomes an Execution Drug - The New ...


Mar 13, 2017 - Midazolam, one of the most widely used sedatives, has become central in recent years to the debate about capital punishment in the United ...
Company that makes drugs for Ohio executions says it opposes lethal drug used










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as long as man is in control

as long as man is in control we will always have this ego problem

ron parrish

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I am pro-Life.  Moreover, I do oppose unjust wars. I also oppose the death penalty. Furthermore I oppose abortion and assisted suicide.  The delima in deciding betwen Republicans and Democrats is that Republicans support the death penalty while the Democtats support the killing of millions of unbor children in the womb.  Of course both the Republicans and the Democrats voted to attack Iraq in 2002. What a crazy world in which we reside.  PS: I did eat a wonderful hamburger filled with the ground up carcass of a bovine and with bacon from the belly of a pig. My pro-life stand only applies to humans.