32 Reasons To Impeach Rob Portman, Republican Senator From Ohio



US House
As of July 2018, there are 42 Republican seats in the US House whose congresspersons see the polls and are resigning.
There have not been this many open seats for 100 years. Portman is not up for reelection this year, but can be impeached.
US Senate

Koch Brothers Spent 81 Million On First Ad For Ohio Senator Rob Portman

Second ad buy from them begins as they try to buy another Senate seat.


1a. Former Bush operative Rob Portman worked to privatize Social Security, and to turn over the pensions of the poor to Wall St. hedge fund megathieves.

1b Portman worked to have the public pay for Wall St speculator insurance and bailout money.

2. Rob Portman has voted and worked for every illegal Bush-Obama war from Afghanistan and Iraq to Syria, Pakistan, Libya, Yemen etc. How many millions of combatants, civilians, mammals, birds, reptiles, trees have been killed or maimed.

3. Portman worked to bring hunters, some drunk,  many poor shots, into our national parks to kill and maim mammals, birds, as well as bystander adults children and family pets. ,. Bow and arrow hunting, rifles, and other weapons would have been allowed? Did he stop short of semiautomatics in the woods? Children have been shot to death by hunters while playing in their back yards... Cleveland Amory, former editor of Parade magazine, wrote that he had scene animals alive in the woods with 12 arrows sticking out of them.

4. Portman, Kasich, Attorney General DeWine and other Ohio Republicans were part of a many year conspiracy to deprive third party and Democratic citizens of the vote. Federal judge Algenon Marbley in June of 2016 declared Ohio Republican Secretary of State Jon Husted's practice of eliminating ballots because of, for instance, a missing zip code, unconstitutional.   There have been at least 3 separate actions of Jon Husted which have drawn condemnation from the federal bench in 2012 and 2016.  Since taking office Husted has eliminated 2 million from the voting rolls, virtually all Democrats and third party voters. US District Court Judge Michael Watson ruled that Husted's elimination of early voting was unconstitutional. 

In 2012 a federal judge issued a 17 page condemnation of Ohio Republican scofflaw attorney general Jon Husted.

5.  Portman in Congress worked to cut social programs and divert the money to the expanding military budget.

6. Five times Portman voted against equal pay for women.

7 . In voting for NAFTA, CAFTA, and special trade status with China, Portman sent Ohioans' jobs to Mexico, Central America, China etc.

8.. Portman is a former lobbyist for the Sultan of Oman.

9. Of all senators running for re-election, nationa environmental groups have selected Portman and McCain to defeat.  

10 . Portman is a pawn of oil gas and fracking interests in Ohio, a state which has had 800 earthquakes in the Youngstown area alone from fracking, while Ohio has more cities with lead in their water than Michigan.  Portman has lobbied for a lack of regulation for utility and coal companies so that they might continue to pollute.

11. Portman is part of the petroplutocracy which has caused over 400,000 deaths so far from rising seawaters submerging island communities and from climate change related droughts and fires.

12  WKSU, Republican radio calling itself 'public radio' is unethically censoring his opponent, Democrat Ted Strickland, former governor of Ohio.

13. Portman hopes the Republican fraud machine which stole the US election from John Kerry (See Robert F Kennedy Jr's article in Rolling Stone) will create another crime for him. Ohio Republican Secretary of State Husted has removed 2 million voters from the rolls, nearly all Democrats,  He has stolen the yes vote for marijuana from Ohioans with the help of old Diebold machines (Diebold based in Ohio has sold its voting machine division but many obsolete easily hackable ones remain in Hamilton, Portage, and many other counties in Ohio.)

14. Portman voted against college students.

15 Portman was the debate coach for Mitt Romney, a man who wanted 50,000 more troops in Iraq, but not a single one of his 5 sons.

16. Portman denies he tried to privatize Social Security

17. Portman is worth nearly 9 million dollars in a Capitol Hill which has 372 millionaires. It is the most money dominated Congress in history.

18. The Koch Brothers have spent 81 million dollars for just 1 of several commercials attacking Portman's opponent, former Ohio governor Ted Strickland.  It takes Strickland's words out of context.


A bill about the heroin epidemic has passed the Senate 94 to 1.  The Koch Brothers are funding ads giving Portman credit while in actuality for 23 years Portman has been a secret supporter of CIA involvement in heroin trade.Portman has supported every illegal war. No other factor as much as US military drug usage has been responsible for the heroin epidemic.

20. Karl Rove loanshark capitalist warmonger is giving money To Portman.

21. Among others disenfranchised, Portman and Husted have coconspired to remove the right of the homeless to vote.

22/ Portman is one of the Republican senators who have voted to allow those on the terror watch list to purchase semiautomatic weapons.

23. When his fellow Republicans gutted the Voting Rights Act, eliminating protections for African Americans, Latinos, and Democrats in racist states, Portman said they were just making tweaks.

24. Portman tried to undermine White House negotiations with Iran by signing a letter critical of the process.

25. Portman voted for dovehunter serial executioner Neil Gorsuch to be Supreme Court judge

26. Portman voted for other incompetent and brutal Trump cabinet members such as Pruitt, Zinke, Mnuchin, DeVos, Nielsen

27. Portman who worked as a Bush operative to bring stalking bloodlust hunters into our national parks to murder animals and endanger

tourists and border resident children and adults finally had a Pyrrhic victory. Every Republican senator and no Democrat or Independent (ailing Izakson the only exception) voted to murder bear cubs in the Alaska wildlife 'refuge'. E Hoare: How can a bear cub be a predator?

28. Portman is part of the Ohio Republican Party criminal syndicate which stole the presidential election from John Kerry. Several books about this as well as articles by Free Press of Columbus, John Conyers, committee chairman, Robert F Kennedy Jr have been written about the theft.

29.  Bush appointed Portman a US trade representative. He was supposed to stop illegal dumping of steel by China. He did nothing.

30.  As a recipient of Koch Brothers loot, Portman has done nothing to prevent fracking-caused earthquakes, at least 900 of them, in Ohio.

31. Portman has done nothing to prevent the brutality shown in this video


32. A coalition of the biggest US environment groups named Portman one of the 5 worst senators for the environment. Portman votes in ways the Koch brothers and their foundation director B Hooks tell him to do.



WKSU continued to promote Portman and to ignore Strickland. In May of 2016 it lied and diminished Strickland's ad campaign. Strickland's supporters, national environment groups, unions etc are running ads constantly. WKSU news director is Andrew Meyer.

From Dispatch.com

"Americans for Prosperity, the political group backed by billionaire conservatives David and Charles Koch, have launched a $1.4 million ad blitz"  (attacking former Gov Strickland who is running against Portman)

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Portman voted against college students


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Portman wants to remove Social Security protections




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Portman has lobbied for a lack of regulation for utility and coal companies so that they might

continue to pollute.




Portman denies he tried to privatize Social Security




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we need to impeach the whole bunch,just clean house

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