abandoned soldiers



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Abandoned Soldiers

22 a day, 8030 a year,
or every 65 minutes
a US veteran commits
Many wish that
on the battlefield
they'd died.

-saiom shriver-

Abandoned by the recruiters who
painted a rosy picture, unnumbered US
vets are homeless, without work.
One said "I piloted a multi million
dollar plane. Here I'm considered
not competent to park cars in a parking
lot." The Veterans' Administration has
a waiting list of 6 months. Some veterans
have to go 200 miles to find a VA.
Many are suffering from PTSD, a euphemism
for the horrid sights they saw, the
acts they were forced by their commanding
officers to be involved in. Many suffer
from depleted uranium, wounds from friendly
fire or hostile fire, toxic side effects of
forced vaccines.


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