Mowing Down Wings

Plant Rights

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Where people mow
trees do not grow...
nor butterflies move
their wings to and fro

nor innocent toads

keep Godgiven toes
nor spirits lift
from fireflies' glow
nor daisies wave
when new winds blow
nor grape vines spin
new tendril bows
nor chicory give
their cheery show
nor perfumes from
wild roses flow


-saiom shriver-

 66 reasons not to mow

43 ways to increase tree numbers

Footnote: In my city March 20 of 2012 the temperature was 81 degrees

while the night of august 14, 2013 it was 49 degrees.

Such extreme temperatures are a result of many factors... the unprecedented destruction

of trees causes drought which in turn causes forest fires while gasoline engines have been

one factor in removing the insulating ozone layer.

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Simple yet pretty. I enjoyed this

Simple yet pretty. I enjoyed this

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  Thank you very much   


Thank you very much