Pluto Trumps Mike Brown



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John F Kennedy was
martyred-murdered by assassins
when pluto for the only
time in 248 years was
in virgo squaring his
sun in gemini. The date
was Nov 22, 1963, the place
Dallas, Texas.

Martin Luther King was
martyred-murdered by assassins
when pluto for the only time
in 248 years was
in late virgo opposite 2 of
his planets in pisces.
The date was April 4, 1968, the
place Memphis, Tennessee.


Robert F Kennedy was
martyred-murdered by assassins
when pluto for the only time
in 248 years was opposing
his uranus, planet of sudden
accidents, in pisces. He
was slain at 1:44 am
on June 6, 1968 in Los


King and the two Kennedys
were martyred for opposing
the CIA, FBI, Federal Reserve.


Whether a person is good or
bad, pluto has power in his or
her life. Adolph Hitler knew
he had lost the war when
Saturn and Uranus conjunct
(within 10 degrees of each other)
passed over his pluto at 4 degrees
gemini. This happened from August
of 1942 to Feb 2 1943
during the battle of Stalingrad..
The Russian people lost 26
million relatives and friends
stopping Hitler's racist and
anticommunist genocide.


The dancer Isadora Duncan
had pluto at 24 degrees of
taurus, which rules the throat.
She died in Nice France when neptune
in late leo squared her pluto.
She was choked when the scarf
she wore in a convertible
became entangled in its wheel.
Fear not. Pluto will not be
back in Taurus til around


A quarter millenium Pluto
takes to roll around
the sun.


Pluto is small, as was
David's stone directed
at Goliath.


Pluto like the roots of
a bonsai plant shatters
pots that greater freedom
and love occur. Pluto is
the planet of infinite love,
a love which can not
manifest in totality in humans'
finite and frequency-
limited forms.


Pluto takes 2 years to
aspect a planet... from
earth's perspective going
forward back forward
back and finally forward.


Mike Brown, a scientist
at the California Institute of Technology
thinks he can remove planet Pluto's
crown by calling it a 'dwarf planet'.

Pluto plays an unusually
great role in Brown's life..
since his pluto in virgo
conjoins both uranus and mars,
opposes his saturn in pisces
and squares his nodes
in gemini and sagittarius.
God protect him and prevent
him from causing harm.


Our star patterns are the
footprints of our past lives
and the lessons we will be
given in this one.
God overrides the stars
when lessons indicated
in the chart are passed.


-saiom shriver-

earth: 1 year around sun
mars: 2 years around sun
jupiter 12 years around sun
saturn 29 years around sun
uranus 84 years around sun or 7 x the orbit of jupiter
neptune: 168 years around sun... exactly double that of uranus
pluto: 248 years around sun - cartoon of pluto

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Love it!!  Thank you for all

Love it!!  Thank you for all these facts of great interest!


...and he asked her, "do you write poetry? Because I feel as if I am the ink that flows from your quill."

"No", she replied, "but I have experienced it. "