Odyssey Of Suffering


What happens to the baby girl and boy calves not murdered for veal?


eartagging, branding with redhot irons, castration, injections, milking machines which cause udder bleeding, being kicked, beaten, pitchforked, held captive before the final murder

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My mom told me a story about a family from over sees that does not eat meat. Then she told me that she went to their house for dinner and they were having goat. She said, "I thought you were vegetarians!" They told her they don't eat american meat. They did a ritual, spoke gently and lovingly to the goat they had raised, said prayers, thanked the goat and quickly slit his throat. They told her they do not eat meat sold in America because the animals were so disrespected throughout their lives and the stress transfers. She told the story much more eloquently. 

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