Slaves were kidnapped from their wives, children,

homes, netted like lions. They were whipped

on bare backs, beaten. Many died of thirst

or disease aboard ship. Some were thrown

overboard because of attempts at mutiny

or because the crew realized they did not

have food enough for all of their 'cargo'.

Both male and female slaves were raped




The movie Amistad by Spielberg,

written by David Franzoni, is a powerful

portrayal of the treachery of President

Martin Van Buren and his Secretary of State.

Queen Isabella the 2nd of Spain and her operatives

petitioned Presidents Van Buren, Harrison, Tyler,

Polk, Taylor, Fillmore, Pierce, Buchanan and Lincoln

unsuccessfully for monies for slaves whom Spanish

slave traders had illegally seized from British colonies.

The UK abolished slavery in 1832.

Spain abolished slavery in Puerto Rico in 1873

and in Cuba in 1886.

"Pope Nicholas V in 1452 gave the right to enslave anyone who was not practicing the Christian religion, known as the Dum Diversas. The Spanish government created the Asiento system, which functioned between the years of 1543 and 1834. The Asiento allowed other countries to sell people into slavery to the Spanish. A population by the late 16th century was mostly composed of individuals of African descent."  Wikipedia


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we did a job just across the

we did a job just across the line in ga a few years ago,

the house belonged to thea long time dr in the city of chickamauga,ga

a vet bought it and hired me to do several repairs

out back was a large smoke house,on all four walls there was 3 sets of foot and hand shackles

still there mounted to the walls,i could not believe my eyes when i saw them,blood stains on the floors

ron parrish