Stealing From The Poor




A woman works 44 or more
years teaching the young
and dutifully pays into
her pension.

Hedge funds who manage
public pensions are
taking 20% of the profits.
Time for all to pay attention.



With Mad Cow, Mad Pig, Mad Sheep, Mad Chicken, Turkey and Fish, Mad Deer, Bear, Moose, Elk, Caribou, Reindeer

in 25 or more states, 2 Canadian provinces, Scotland, Norway etc. it is criminally irresponsible for pension funds

to be invested in animal flesh, butchers, factory farms etc.

"The Teacher Retirement System of Texas is investing 10 percent of its money in hedge funds. The state of New Jersey's pension system is investing around 12 percent. For the Ohio school employees pension fund, it's 15 percent.

Hedge funds generally charge what's called "2 and 20." Every year, they take 2 percent of all the money you have invested with them plus 20 percent of any profits. If they lose money, they still get the 2 percent."

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