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J to her son... Why did you get me rosesfor my birthday... you know I don't like to cut flowers He replied:i knew it would be something you'd
  have to throw away eventually.
Michael Pollan in his most recent book in which he says magic mushrooms caused him to stop objectifying animals and nature wrote that Bill W, cofounder of AA, was given belladonna, (deadly nightshade) in a controlled way in a NY hospital in 1934 after which he never took another drink.  The vegetarian founders of the Salvation Army treated alcoholism with vegetarian diet. Their success helped spread their group around the world.
A 100 mph tornado in Connecticut started 1 block from a friend's house and ended 1 block from her children's home gratitude for divine protection
Holocaust means an offering to God

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You are completely and absolutely wrong about Bill Wilson.

He did drink again for quite some time after each of the 3 failed belladonna treatments. The way he got sober and stayed sober was though the spiritual program of Alcoholics Anonymous devised by he and co-founder Bob Smith.  Please check your facts on this subject before commenting on it as it affects millions of us alcoholics.  I have also visited several treatment programs presented by the Salvation Army.  They serve these people meat protein and have a recovery program based on Christian principles and the 12 Steps of AA.  ---- Stephen

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whoa. that last line got me

whoa. that last line got me heavy

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