Cast No Stones


Jesus came across the public
stoning of an adultress
and said that those
who were without sin
should cast the first stone.
Those who vote for executioners
are delegating to hitmen
and hitwomen the casting
of stones.
saiom shriver
Those who call themselves
Christian while voting for
a man who has nominated
2 executioners to the Supreme
Court are not following
the teachings of Jesus.
Nor are the Republican senators
who voted for Gorsuch and publicly
support the Iraq war waging Kavanaugh.
Executioners running for office
now include Rick Scott of Florida,
Greg Abbott of Texas. Josh Hawley
of Missouri wants the government
to be able to choose any execution
chemical it wishes.

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The problem

The problem with your logic is that the Democrats who oppose capital punishment support yhe killing of millions of innocents in the womb.  I choose to vote Republican in an attempt tp save millions of innocents.  While I abhor the killing of guilty criminals, the innocents have priority in my universe.   Stephen