Russell Crowe, Brigadier, Nonviolent World


Angel winds

forever rustle

the Crow's Great

Spirit feathers



The brigadier

with medals tier upon


and rows of coffins


upon bier

.. unnumbered are

the tears.

Wrapped in the American flag:

a mind shrouded from the sun

by the fabric of violent nationalism

hamburgers wrapped in the flag,

their blood staining the stripes

as the taxes of the poor pay for

the ads of multinationals

around the world


A nonviolent world...
No strangled fish in the dories..
No cows bound for slaughter
in the lorries
No men killing for
illusions of glory
No bellicose media
falsifying stories

-© saiom shriver-

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Mr Crowe does not
necessarily endorse the
thoughts expressed below

And other generals: Eisenhower.. who ordered cats on the White House grounds shot Schwarzkopf.. who bombed surrendering white flagged Iraqi soldiers by the hundreds of thousands.. they were bulldozed into graves.. and then with bulldozer outfitted tanks.. broke through the lines in right and left columns covering men in trenches with dirt.. burying them alive .. he then received a Safari Club award for having killed 300 kinds of animals.. .. and said.. that he always cries when he shoots an animal Franks.. who liked to kill long distance with computers as if in a computer game White.. who took 62 million from Enron pensioners before joining the Pentagon Powell... who disagreed with Caspar Weinberger about shutting down the dog shooting lab (now they use goats) a Bush speechwriter who quit over the brutality and wrote the book Dominion Black Hawk down refers more often to training accidents and helicopter fatal glitches.. than to combat

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wow, these words moved me.