Lipsticked Corpse, Red dyed Hot Dog

The beautician's

task was to paint lipstick

on corpses.

The meat processor's

job was to inject

red dye no.2

into corpses..

(in some cases

while he was

still alive..

still corpus)

that hot dogs look

red, not brown

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Please read newspapers
online to save trees,
flightless baby birds,
squirels, fish from
the newsprint byproducts
which land in lakes.
The Washington Post
which has not been
a voice for peace
nevertheless reported
that cows at Iowa Beef
Processors were in some
cases being skinned alive.

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saiom's picture

Dear Ernest, You have seeded my consciousness
and while I did not make changes as you suggested
I have changed the title..
eliminated 'nitrate' and put in 'red dye'
Thank you, Master Poet

Ernest Bevans's picture

I love the way you use poetry to deliver a message
this is a "gutt punching" poem - would I be out of
place to make a suggestion? Please;
knowing you will forgive me I will:

On the title:
as the term "lipstick on a corpse" is in the poem
I would omitt it from the title, and as eating
Hotdogs is an all american passtime I would use that
as title alone with the word "Nitrate" of course
which makes for an unsual combination...

drop the last two lines and add somting like

who's lips are you licking
when this flesh you are kissing...

I hate hotdogs -I love this poem
- it pack such a powerful punch but then again
all your work does.

Your friend and poet