On Eagle's Wings.. Not In His Rapacious Beak

Not in the rapacious beak of

the marauding eagle but on

his wings did Isaiah say

the peaceful will be borne.

The prayers and words and

thoughts and deeds

.. peacemakers' opinions

.. shall cause to turn

around.. the eagle's

warward pinions

so that the innocent

will not be

the burning pyres

of the occupiers

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Isaiah: 1: 11
I delight not in your
blood sacrifice
Isaiah: Break not the
  bruised reed
Isaiah: The lion shall lie down with the lamb..
they shall not hurt nor
destroy in all my holy
mountain for the earth
shall be full of the knowledge of God.

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Ernest Bevans's picture

Ooooooooh! Love this one too Great Poetess
Short sweet and poignt.