Caligula And Poseidon


Caligula sent the Roman Army

to battle Neptune

and sword-cleave the sea....

striking waters asunder

Soldiers were forced to

gather the seagod's shells

and in chests place

the victorious war plunder:

This war campaign

caused less than

average pain.

The seashell carts


above horsehoof thunder.

  Neptune cares not

for abandoned husks.

He had long before

swept the shells

to shore

and his waters flowed back

as before.

Only those who are

God aligned may

  part the

waters or walk above them

tp work His wonders.


Because of her God

will sooner bring

a world of no more suffering

.. where none are swallowing

a chicken's or a swallow wing.

Over fields all fallowing

rise flocks of follow Wings

.. feeling holy Spirit Wings

.. all flying birds His following.

(to Nita Nickol)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

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