How Maury Dropped the A


                    Maury Reishtein Dropped the A

                    This department store executive

                    handed out thousands of dollars

                    of cigarettes .. in mental

                    hospital wards.. because he

                    hated forced change..

                    He adopted 12 people to love

                    unconditionally.. to be present

                    for at all times.. he said

                    he knew this was impossible

                    .. but that it could be no more

                    than 12..

                    he became a vegetarian in

                    a desire to reduce the

                    suffering he caused

                    and decided one day to

                    figure the mathematical

                    probability that with

                    tens of thousands of fingers

                    on the nuclear button no nuclear

                   device had been detonated.. he decided then that

the probability was so infinitesimal

                    that a higher power of Infinity must

                    be preventing the detonating..

                    since no nation since the US

                    in 1945 had

                    dropped the big A..


and he dropped

from atheist the A

he had picked up this A

when the Enola Gay

of the Army run USA

first dropped the A


Why does a hit man kill?

For money

Why does a biggame hunter kill?

For pleasure.

Why does a barroom brawler kill?

In rage

Why do some generals kill?

For power

Why do some spouses kill?

Out of jealousy

Why do fundamentalist Christians

  Muslims Jews Buddhists Hindus kill?

Out of hatred or ignorance

(There were 13 pleasure-killing

hunters on Dick Cheney's trip.)


Author's Notes/Comments:

Adela Rogers St John, reporter at the Hearst kidnapping trial,
wrote that Lord Dowding, air marshal of the Battle of Britain, told
her so many tail gunners and crewmembers and other pilots reported seeing angels land planes with
dead pilots back
in Britain that he could not dismiss the story. His wife
started the group Beauty Without Cruelty, to sell cosmetics
without animal products.

W V Quine, world renowned logician and agnostic, recounted that once
on a
                  train between Venice and Milan in 1965 he was
attempting to tell an amusing
                  anecdote about Our Lady of Fatima when 4 times
things fell.. the cheese, then
                  the wine, then a suitcase off the rack, and finally
a coat. He considered these
                     were miraculous interventions.

                   RUSSELL'S LIFE As he was on his way to Norway in a
seaplane, Bertrand
                    Russell was told he could not smoke except in the
rear of the cabin. Upon
                 landing the sea plane hit a submerged log and
flipped. Only those in the back of
                                  the plane were able to swim to

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wow. u seem the kind of person who's really against violence, etc. wish i could care that much.

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wonderful story. unforgettable character .thank you for sharing this one. love Wemni