Ted Nugent

First Do No Harm

May God spare children, hunter drunks

and sparrows

as He takes from your hands

all weapons.. all arrows

Author's Notes/Comments: 

We pray that Jesus will
touch Ted's heart.. the Jesus who
said it is better not to
be born than to mislead
children.  We pray
that mercy come to Ted
simultaneously as he
gives it to the animals.

Ted Nugent blasphemes in teaching children
that the Bible of Genesis 1 29, Daniel 1 and Isaiah
is a Bible which allows the slaughter of innocents.
His book is published by Lucianne Goldberg's Regnery..
Lucianne Goldberg of Delta Force Linda Tripp
  Many animals are left behind by refugees, are
  bombed, are subjected to military anthrax
  botulism and other research. AOL 30 million
  subscribers, your $ goes to promote war.
  Hotmail 7 million, Bill Gates gives money
  for primate abuse
  . bombed children lying in hospitals
  . millions of starving
  . millions of refugees without shelter clothing
  . the further engendering of hatred among 1 billion
  which is inimical to safety of non Muslims
  . F16 downed in Utah 1 billion dollars
  cost more than all the WTC contributions
  . the further impoverishment of America
  . the strengthening of the enemies of
  human rights in China, Uzbekistan, Pakistan
  . the attempted sellout of Tibet, Taiwain, India (the
  largest democracy in the world) Palestine &
  of regimes in Uzbekistan
  . erosion of progress in abolition of the death
  . emboldening of Sharon to further evict refugees
  and send his tanks into holy places
  . the destruction of the fragile tree systems
  of bombed places
  . innocent livestock animals bombed
  . truth lies bleeding
  . welfare for pharmaceutical companies
  . welfare for big oil (BP Shell Exxon)
  . welfare for weapons makers (US 1st in
  arms sales in world Russia & France next)
  . the opening of Pandora's box of vaccines
  (see the writings of Pierce Wright,
  London science editor of the Times,
  of Dr Len Horowitz and of President Mkebi
  of S Africa on smallpox
  vaccine as a cause of AIDS)
  . lethal anthrax vulnerabilities in
  research sites (Universities of Texas, Iowa,
  Arizona, Smithsonian, Ft Meade, Ft Detrick
  and 300 other sites)
  . the sharks Viacom Fox (Rupert Murdoch)
  continue to buy up
  cheap media properties and to ask
  Congress to further their stranglehold
  . further censorship by the military
  . the sacrifice of poor soldiers on the
  altar of Jerry Levin's CNN
  . support for the rapists misogynists and thieves of
  the Northern Alliance
  . support for the polygamous sheiks of
  Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates
  who spend billions at a whim
  . the attempted sell out of the environmental
  movement.. the attempted rape of Alaskan
  wilderness and Pacific beaches
  . 2 million dollar missiles by the thousands
  (while the poor lie unattended in American
  nursing homes)
  . International Red Cross warehouses full
  of your blanket tent and food contributions.. set
  . lethal antibiotics such as Cipro which
  cause bone marrow, liver, joint damage
  and death to children.. enrich the coffers
  of Bayer, pharmaceutical giant
  . animals subjected to secret anthrax
  botulism smallpox pain in military labs
  in NC, Va (whose lab sold anthrax to
  Iraq), Md, Tx, NY Ca etc)
  . the number of civilian & othercasualties from US
  bombs in Nagasaki, Dresden, Sudan, Bosnia,
  Vietnam (2 million?) Iraq (hundreds of thousands)
  Cambodia, is added to
  . defense yes violent offense no

  Great Lakes region gas: 99 cents a gallon
  in some places...
  What do generals have in common?
  Schwarzkopf.. awarded by the Safari Club
  for killing 300 KINDS of animals
  Sharon.. sent more cows to slaughter
  NPR further erodes its credibility as some of
  its affiliates use Fox reporters

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Dawn Newell's picture

You are a gifted poet, thought not necessarily in this verse. If you are referring to God's putting some Canaanite cities "under a ban" when you say "slaughtering the innocents," it's true. A city put under a ban by God (and only by Him) was to be razed: no living thing including people and livestock were to be spared. It's very harsh, yes. I cannot fathom it. But I am not God. If this is what Ted Nugent is teaching, then it may well anger and shock you, but it's not blasphemy according to OT Biblical books.

You are grinding an awfully lot of axes here in your author's comments. Your concern with the elderly and children (well, people in general) is admirable. Your concern about animal "abuse" -- understandable but I don't share your views. Your concern about trees and "tree systems" ... I don't get that at all. You seem to elevate trees to idol worship. That concerns me greatly.

Eric Duerr's picture

Ted Nugent is a monster...

saiom's picture

Response to Dawn
Since your frame of reference is biblical, let me say
Revelation's 5th Angel says 'harm no green being'
.. Isaiah says 'break not the bruised reed'
.. Genesis 1: 29 says that the ideal food God
designed is from trees bushes vines plants (nuts, fruits)I agree with you about Italian..

the heart chakra of the people of Italy is the
biggest in the West perhaps