First Do No Harm

The trawlers

operated the longest fishing nets

in the world..

which pulled in all octopi,

turtles, dolphins, tuna fishes,

starfish, every crawling and swimming


They were effishent.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sun Yung Moon, founder
of the Washington Times,
also owned some of the
longest fishing lines
in the world.

Nearly all daily newspapers
are presently printed
on felled trees whose
death killed also
their resident birds
and squirrels.

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lol...oops..."strict" (no edit feature)

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Actually the federal government has many restrictions on the size of mesh allowed in each level of sea trawling...the industry is always facing strick changes in time, location, type and size of fish that they are allowed to catch. There are severe fines in place for not following regulations, and they are inforced by the Coastal police, who are efficent and do "follow through" on complaints/reports and documentations.