Blue Mosque

Azure skies frame aqua tiles

in the Blue Mosque.

In the countryside

dozens of belled goats

and lambs make an

unrehearsed symphony

in the evening air.

They give peace a sound.

All of them shall have

nonviolent deaths some


Author's Notes/Comments:
There is growing opposition
to the sacrifice of
millions of animals
in Mecca each year.
This sacrifice is not
pleasing to Allah. It
was originally based
on the prohibition on
hunting while on pilgrimage.. and the
provision of food for
hungry travelers..
however.. as the world
becomes smaller and more
aware of the disease,
inefficient acreage,
and suffering to animals
inherent in animal flesh,
more Muslims realize
no flesh is halal.
Why do many Muslims hate
the US? Because our govt
bombed surrendering Iraqi
soldiers.. because Jimmy
Carter was the last president who did not
bomb a Muslim country..
because our tv's are full
of ads for alcohol, pork
violent entertainment
and scantily clad women,
because we support the
petroplutocrats of Saudi
Arabia 'who spend billions
entertaining their slightest whims', because
we have allowed Jerry Levin and Rupert Murdoch
to stifle the voice of
peace in Israel and to
applaud the murderers of
Rabin, because we have
supported the state terror
of Sharon's govt.

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karlmcallister's picture

An interesting poem. Especially in the light of contemporary events. I hope your imagery will win the day and not the imagery of revenge, war and hate. Thanks for a breath of fresh air.