Blisters are better than any love bite.

When you smile 
the world forgets to breathe
and all the air is 
set on fire.
What I mean to say is that
yesterday when you asked me how I was doing
it was the one nice thing that happened
all day, and I know
you’re just kind like that
but it made things a little bit okay.
You are the heat of noon sun and the 
slice of cake and the laughter of an
erupting mountain. Oceans turn still
when you meet them. You’re a ribbon
of bright red,
You burn so bright that even rocks melt 
beside you.
I want to burn my mouth on you.
 What I mean to say is 
it’s okay if we’re going nowhere, 
as long as I’m going
with you.

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You are an amazing poet, and

You are an amazing poet, and this exuded romance. Fabulous write. Love and Light.


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There's just something... I enjoyed about this.

Copyright © morningglory

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What Women Love

A few word on our goddess like qualities. Bravo - and well written - A -