Even solider's cry.

I hate to steal material,
but a great woman once said
to a man she cared too deeply for when she needed him most
and he acted off 
"I will take the sky is falling from everyone else but you"
because dear when the dust settles 
I dont care
what you look like never mattered
Your way of acting purposed the thought of having love for you in the first place. 
How you treat me has its innocents. 
If this is too fast then tell me, because dear, 
I'll wait for you. 
Patientence hasnt killed me yet. 
I'm ready when you are.

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Not Theft

if citation of credit given and in quotes. Great writing this. Loved it! ~ Lady A ~




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I am quoting Cher from the

I am quoting Cher from the movie burlesque, i will have to remember to put it in the description next time.