I'm a man, God damn.

Hi, I'm Tess..a

yes, Tessa 

I don't like my name

Please, call me Tess

tomboy cause I won't wear a dress 

I bit a kid once for telling me I was too fat to be in the military 

needless to say, to this day

I'm glad he said that.


Shut the door, put your back to it. 

Keep walking. 


Hi, I'm Tess.

just, Tess. 

my friends say I'm a mess 

they're kidding, of course

my grandparents are consumed with the idea that I am indect I cannot be 

because this chick Brittney had the underlining audacity to tell my concealor that I was a lesbian

after that the domino affect of gossip lingered till it reached the elder 

and I denyed my sexuality for the first time. 


Slam the door, lock it, Put your back to it. 



Hi, I'm Bobbi. 

I mean, my real name is Tess but its a nickname I picked up 

I perfer it.

It doesnt last long, no one catches on. 


Shut the door, Put your back to it. 

Keep walking. 


Hey, Tess again. 

I've found myself 

I think 

I found a hobby


I work a pen till it makes a recognizable image to the eye

aswell as dress up like things that never existed in the first place

I'm genderfluid 


finally pleased with myself finding out that gender is a spectrum 

oh the joy


whats a transsexual?


Unlock the door, I'm not afraid, walk inside. 


Hi, I'm Sehven 

I'm almost a stranger

my chest bound to my heart and what I believe to be me

I feel free 

wound up tight 

no femine curve in site 

Tess was lost walking

died peacefully in hope of happiness 

they did not die in vain

the gunshot echos 

a mellow ring left to keep alert the danger

scrap metal keeps her together

laid to rest

shes had a trying journey 

I have been searching for this path

one thats familiar but never tredded. 

I'm here I feel right 

in my heart 

I'm level headed 
for once I feel like I'm traveling to paradise 

the most euphoric nirvana 

there will be no exudos

my hair finally there to symbolize the fire of rebelion  

and make no mistake

I'm a man, God damn. 


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another poem, Will edit later. Penny for your thoughts?

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Joarge89's picture

I tell you, I am just

I tell you, I am just overwhelmed at the stupidity of our country for not opening their eyes and shutting off their closed-mindedness when it comes to those in the transgender community.  Like seriously?  We're going to argue what bathroom they use?


Anyway... Rant over.  This piece is probably my most favorite so far that I have encountered on PostPoems.  And though my poems on my page don't show that I've been here long, I have.  I deleted all my poems and re-uploaded them because I edit so often, I forget which version is the most recent.  So I finally got them all updated, but they unfortunately look brand new.  Even lost some comments, some great comments, but eh, small price to pay for accurate poetry.


So, anyway... Lovely poem.  Any jackass (excuse the francais!) that questions or has a discriminatory mindset in relation to the transgender community needs to read this.  Absolutely beautiful.


I want a dollar, though.  Okay, thanks.

"A poem is never finished, only abandoned" - Paul Valery

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mixter on contempt and

mixter on contempt and satisfaction when you challegen god

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It's always hard for someone

It's always hard for someone to fidn themselves, to know who they are and how they feel. Shutting out the world is someones first response so they can think. But as soon as they can feel they are happy for who they are and how they are they will come out to the world to face it. Good write :)

Life is one hard thing to get...

S.X.K's picture

thank you, I'm glad you

thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it.