Satire for your hungry expanding mind.

 I probably shouldn't be telling you this but in the most un biographical way i will tell you a deep dark secret. the kinda of secrets that only a CIA agent would have. it would seem to you that all is well, and that i have everything under controll, i live my life with out much perturb, and im an exquisite mind that has everything in life figured out. my mind is like an asylum though; it is a prison, one from which i can not escape and i must live with everyday. as an ignorant young boy my only presumption was using drugs to escape my then fragile mind. taking alcohol as my first drug of choice i started using at the age of nine, or was it eight? anyways my point being i was so use to being all bottled up and when at school acting out being a "funny guy". The discovery of alcohol was like being a benedict and finally discovering the real love of his life. i felt so construed at this piont and started sipping alcohol every chance i could get. let me tell you something. I'm from a long line of addicts and we have a messed up family but it wasn't per say the reason i started rebelling. i know now my addiction for drugs was partly because i was inherently an addict and the processes of my mental status was lets just say imature. i feel as if the alcohol was a way to release my inner inhabitons without repercussions. its funny how life uses irony to breake you down later on when its way done and gone. haha these stupid poeple didn't realise a kid running through the store with a hoody on and a bottle of jack daniels. how on earth could a ten year old do that right? ohh my my let me just start by saying thats not the half of the half of it. i probably robbed over one thousand different bottles in my younger days. i plead the fifth! and life was good for me i had girl friends money and everything was going good. eventually like passanger trains they stop and pick up more passengers. so listen my friend came home one day from school all blood shot eyed and looking really stupid. i then was so curiouse why he was jacked up. he told me greg and him had smoked a marajiuana pipe so i was like im in. at this piont we were at a good friends of ours house. this group of poeple were like hippies; they were always getting "high" and rumor has it if your their friends your considered a cool guy. so we all sat down and i smoked marijuana for my first time. the first time i got high it was an experience i can't ever have again. something so good and un recollectable. as time went on i became notoriouse for being a bad ass mother trucker. in my child hood growing up was california lifestyle gangster bs and all the goodies that come along with being in the village, aka the hood. my 18 birthday i was already a full time drug dealer. making roughly five thousand a week. by this age i had already broke the ten commandments , something to this day im not proud about. i cant change the past but i can always be able to change the tomorrows. i soon joined the military realising i was naturally a warrior. i figured i could become something every man wishes to be or at least what i thought that was suppoosed to be. i joined the us marines at 19 and became a front line warrior fighting for not my country but for my and my brothers lifes. i was trained to kill....... a warrior that was so fierce and intimidating that arnold swarszenegger would get defeated. ninja like martial arts and extreme battle moves that would only be used by a professional martial artist. age 24 i became a battle trained vet with the highest recognition possible the gov wouldn't allow me to have announced because they didnt want me back into civilian world or atleast thats the vibe i was given. i was then recruited at age 25 to an elite group of ops agents. priority mission coverage and ghost missions to disable vip targets. we were considered the most known unknowns just because we were surgical in our tactics and not a single mission brought back a wounded or killed us agent. thus no evidence of our battles were ever accounted for. life is short real short. if you don't enjoy it while its here some one like me was sent to make you do houdini tricks.               

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