Your coffee was cold anyways



So you’re sitting in the commons with crazy Helena Bomana carter hair, slept on then pinned back to look intentional, chugging your cold decafe latte when you spill a drop on the jacket you are wearing in order to find out if you want to keep it or return it when you realise karma’s not a bitch, she’s simply a very good and wise friend who ALWAYS knows what you need to see life clearly, so you take a deep breathe in, ignore the 550 emails building up in your inbox, don the jacket and find a swing set

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this one may be too

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Very subtle, mysterious, intriging! I was already mystified and enthralled, then you totally derailed me with the Hellena Bonham Carter reference! I flashed back to a poem I wrote about her eyes in Hamlet, and got further afield! I love the poem! I haven't gotten a grip on it yet, and perhaps may not, but perhaps that's the attraction of it. I love my Lady with all I am, but as well as I know her, as long as we've been together, she is sometimes a mystery to me, and that is such a gift!

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:) thanks love

as someone who sees a lot coming I always find a bit of mystery refreshing!

Much Love