Wow, you have that song on your iPod (I can’t un-do the pain)



That song has been on my iPod since the first time you played it in your car and I realised I was in-love with you, that I should be in-love with you, that it was stupid to not let myself just be so in the first place. Its been on my iPod despite you breaking my heart and destroying our friendship…. It stayed as I lost my faith in you. It has been there through your absence, through your arrogance, through your self centered need to be needed, through all the things you left for me to deal with, the mess I cleaned up to it’s rhythm….it has been there when you weren’t and it will be there long after you fuck it up again… So don’t make it mean more than it does…that song’s the only real connection we have ever had, or at least, that’s what it is now

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there's been a few songs that I've just had to bury with the body - too many attachments. Hearing them was like falling into the decaying entrails of that relationship. Sometimes, you feel the loss and don't want to imagine what it is now, and sometimes, it's just a nightmare of what it was and the terror of any possibility of any trace of it rising to haunt you now ;-)