My privilege is showing



Today is one of those days where I have more “first world problems” than a teen age pipe dream….and significantly less Marijuana



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A friend of mine writes funny, one liner poems, mostly silly thoughts which seem less like poetry and more like comments, and I really like them, so I have started trying it may not be very poetic but it sure is fun!

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poetry is language with the bullshit filtered out and the emotion distilled...unless you intentionally go for some other point being supereferlious words and long winded phrases that only show you can use a thesaurus or have a good vocabulary but lack the ability to wring the emotion or paint the picture using EACH AND EVERY WORD...where's the poetic soul in that? Give me a short poem, ten words, that kicks my ass, over two pages that bores me to death any day! ;-) then again, I prefer a fine whiskey to a beer. Taste is taste ;-)