Be Bond



I think the things that we tell ourselves are the limitations that make life look the way it looks right now

That if you stop all the speaking and just take it as it comes than the world opens before you and all the power of humanity is in your hands

I think there’s nothing more beautiful than a man having the guts to just dive headlong into his emotions and show you that he desires you right now regardless of the outcome

I think things are beautiful

Too beautiful to stop yourself from seeing them

That if you want to flirt, you flirt

If you want to love, you love

And that “you don’t have time” is ALWAYS an excuse you tell yourself because you feel you need a reason to want what you want

And in reality you don’t

You simply need wants and actions

And the malleability to let them come and go in waves

Move with the tides of your ocean and shape the shore you will build home on

I think you think for others more than you think for yourself

And that the day you realise that the things you tell yourself are the limitations that make your life look how it looks right now

Is the only day you will ever be able to provide for anyone


Author's Notes/Comments: 

funny the things we think we need or what we tell oursleves we need, to be where we want to be in life


imagien a world where we all loved where we were and couldn;t wait to see where we went next....

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beautiful thoughts Dear! ;-D

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Aren't they just

Much Love