Meth labs blow up…shit happens



This is not one of those times where you count your loses and go home

Bail out because the ship is sinking

This is that moment where you make or break a life and you’re not sure you even want that kind of power but you have it so wield it

It’s not being burned yet again by an old friend with a lighter

It’s a fire fighter engulfed in flames burning anything they touch

All they want to do is save lives

All they can do is melt away

So this isn’t the time to count your loses or cut your ties

It’s the time get a hose and help them fight back

Author's Notes/Comments: 

:/ not sure how I feel about the title... I trust Beavis or Ssmoothie will fix those feelings....

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Beavis's picture


The title is fine, but had me leaning one way, and the poem took me elsewhere. "you go, I go"?

running_with_rabbits's picture


never let go Jack..never let go....

Much Love