Ashley bits, Collect them all, Some assembly required



I’ve been segregating self

This one loves

This one cries

This one feels no fear

This one wants what it can’t have

This one’s the real me

None are all of a part but parts within the all

I’ve been segregating self

Into package bundles

Shiny bottled bits of oneness


For those who also feel broken

Author's Notes/Comments: 

the title ate paint as a child...

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Beavis's picture


Soul mating! I spent so much of my life being separate entities that this really hits home!  There is so much about this that I love! the title, the tone, the words, the flow! And, I can read this in my rear view window ;-) ( I LOVE the author's note ;-)

running_with_rabbits's picture


I can't take full credit for the comment, I remember hearing it from someone ages ago back in high school...I will take credit for the soul mating though ;)

Much Love