I can’t fuckin escape you



I went to yoga in the park to clear my mind only to find you burrowed deep within my chest compress like linen against moist skin begging for rain, the need to cry, to lie, to let it all go and tell you I know, but I don’t, I can’t, the forest to thick to count the trees, the trees to thin and lanky to tell if its them or wind moving me forward, a hawk caws and looms and I think that maybe just maybe I’ve found sanity and strength beneath my legs, if I could just be more like him, spread my wings and let it out, I melt into the ground, “listen to the feedback” but I am, I always am, so much so that I forget to listen to self, and there she is, warm as the sun light through the tree, light, happy, whole, I open my eyes to rain thankfulness onto the world and hear my name over my shoulder, rather than rain I walk home with your roommate, we reach the corner parting our homes, and I’m thinking about you again

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Oh Wow!

Oh Wow! I can just hear you doing this at a slam!!! rock it when you do!

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:) I send you one little

:) I send you one little video of me slamming now every poems a slam poem in waiting .. :p jks, will have to read it out loud as well and see how it goes :)

Much Love