I hope that I don’t fall in-love with you*



Will you listen to Tom Waits with me?

Beneath the glow of all the things we haven’t fucked up yet

The beats soon to age

From all the sex

And fights

And conversations over nights between flights and missed opportunities of love not meant to blossom and blossoms loved to death


Will you listen to Tom Waits with me and fall in-love like we’ve never met



Author's Notes/Comments: 

*Tom Waits 

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Beavis's picture


I love the poem, but Tom Waits brings back memories of  too many youthful misadventures in places I shouldn't have been! Seems like every time I got my ass kicked, Tom Waits was playing...;-)

running_with_rabbits's picture

:) <3

that's cause he is a classy man and he knows how to hit em hard ;)

Much Love