Feminism’s dead

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“I thought it would be different…”

“…that I’d fight back or something”


That’s the same thing I thought

When my boyfriend raped me


“…it was just a massage…”

“…I just froze like a deer in headlights and waited for it to be over…”

“…I got up, put my shirt on and left…”


Both of us sit against my couch

We don’t dare meet the other’s gaze

Statistics say one in three and here we are two for two

And the sad thing is

The important part

The thing that will be looked over or missed or purposely ignored by most eyes that fall upon this moment

Is that we both had expectations

Preconceived notions of how we would react when we were assaulted


Not if




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allets's picture

Damn Rabbit Running

The last line slammed me against the poem and pinned me to the mat - with a right on and a oh yeah and a Damn straight! Everywoman should read this poem. You are in rare form, my firend. - Just bein' Stella.






running_with_rabbits's picture


:) thank you my dear, I am glad you enjoyed it, perhaps I will submit it to some zeens, and possibly the magazine at my school...

Much Love


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Yeah, You Should

So many more can read your wisdom. You say what I could never say and that is wondrous to me. So I come here and sit at your poetic door, knowing when it opens, gems will pour from the portal. Publish. Do. - Just Bein' Allets





running_with_rabbits's picture


thanks allets! It is really helpful to recieve positive feedback :) I will be sure to add publishing on my new list of goals which i will be hopfully making this week

Much Love