The gravity of existence grows heavier the farther you get from point A to point B*



It was a simple moment time locked in my past

The beauty of a cottage wind swaying round our conversations

Making us draw closer for warmth

The impact of a summer’s sky struggling through the night to be half as bright as we were

An instant

Dragged out over five days of drinking and kayaks and bonfires

Pulled tight across our hearts like a life jacket

Time locked

Doomed to exist once and only once a year

When the gap between our worlds collide and we hit Zero Gs running

Float like fire flies into the comfort of each-other

Until then it is time locked


So it may sink beneath the impassable ocean that separates our potential from our existence

So it may weigh me to reality when men get rough

When love goes hard

When romance seems like a Disney add and love a cage to lock me in


There was a moment, time locked in my past, were connection just was



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(read this in the movie preview man's voice)

Coming soon to a theater near you RWR's EPIC BATTLE to not be tricked into becoming a Disney Princess

Join her as she combats stero-types, is super out-spoken, and writes a shit ton of poetry....

 it's all 'men who want to date her' and 'men she could simple exist with' 

who will she choose, what will she do, and why did she just randomly break out in song?

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