Tequila makes the façade fall off



I left the wedding with tequila tears and the weight of reality upon the balls of my feet

That will never be me and you

Sitting at the table kissing when glasses clink

Still I held it together most of the night

Till ‘the one that got away’ came on

Then it hit me

The tequila tears and an immeasurable desire to call you and say


“I miss you; this is stupid, let’s get coffee”

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Beavis's picture


Great poem, but those tequila tears are a bitch! hard to see through them. Might mistake a pterodactyl for a song bird! ;-) 

running_with_rabbits's picture


you know me, deep seeded love for dinosaurs and misconceptions ;)

Much Love


justanotherscreename's picture

They say you only really hear

They say you only really hear the lyrics when you are already sad. Great poem.

running_with_rabbits's picture


yea I guess you do only notice the lyrics when you already feel that way....

thanks for the read

Much Love